Learning the Ropes

I think blogging is going to take some getting used to.  I read some more reviews today and I realized that I am not up to date on all the new releases and I don’t really have all that much time to compose thoughts about the books that I do get to read for all the people that may or may not read what I write.

I’m writing now because I can’t sleep and I don’t know that I want to continue reading.  I’ve read several chapters of my current book tonight and can only procrastinate my school work for solong.

What do you do when you can’t sleep?




2 thoughts on “Learning the Ropes”

  1. Blogging definitely does take time to getting used to but it’s a ton of fun 🙂 Also remember that there are no expectations you have to live up to, it’s all for your own sake. When I can’t sleep I make myself stay in bed because reading doesn’t help me sleep at all (unfortunately) so I kind of just lie there telling myself to sleep – doesn’t always work but oh well :/ Good luck with blogging and have fun!


    1. I’m hoping to find time for it in my busy schedule. I am enjoying the ones that I have been reading and find that the sense of community among the bloggers is amazing. I am just going to let it come to me and know that I will get the hang of what feels right for me. I should have just gone to bed last night and stayed there but I read instead. I feel like I’m paying for it now. :/


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