Sorry I’ve been Missing

All my friends,

So sorry I’ve been missing and out of the loop.  After the holidays, I got sick with the flu.  Then I started back to school, sort of, and busy season has started at work.  On top of that, I live in MA and have been dealing with about 75 inches of snow.  So my life has been a whirlwind and will be until April 15th for work and May 15th for school.  I will do my best to drop in when I can and if you all have fun ideas for small posts I can do, let me know, but I’m pretty swamped right now and if my 2.5 hour commutes continue, I will definitely not have any time.

Until next time,


Happy New Year!

So, I’ve been lacking on the posting front, but that’s mainly because I haven’t finished any books and I haven’t made any goals for 2015 yet.  I did, however, complete my Goodreads goal of reading 25 books in 2014.  In fact, I surpassed it by 5 and read a total of 30 books.  Considering I’ve been in school all year, got married this summer and went on a honeymoon in November, that sounds pretty good to me.  Plus I work in a job that can be pretty stressful and not allow for a lot of time to read.

Since I will not be finishing my degree until next December, I don’t think I will have as much time to read this year either, so my reading goal will probably be small again.  I also won’t be participating in any challenges, although I really wanted to.  I just don’t think I will be able to keep up with the reviewing and recapping demands.

I think for school, I need to be more diligent with study plans, however, during busy season, this could be a problem. I’ll need to wait until I get my syllabus to see how the semester will shake out.

I want to become a more organized person, at home and at work so that hopefully I can have a clearer mind.  Hopefully that will alleviate some stress and make life go more smoothly.

If anyone has any tips or suggestions, please let me know!

What are your goals for 2015??

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!

Till next time,


I know I know, I’ve been missing…This past week has been crazy!!  I got back from vacation and it was work, work, work…study, study, study.  I have managed to finish 3 1/2 books that I may or may not review depending on my amount of free time.  I am sitting in my last class of the semester though.  I finished the take home final yesterday and I think I got an A on it.  Woohoo!!!  My final on Monday was a lot more difficult but I did really well on the other things in the class, so I’m hoping to pass.

The next few weeks will be a blur with days off from work, holiday parties, Christmas and New Years.  Before I know it, I’m going to be in school again for the spring semester and tax season will be here, effectivley making me MIA for weeks at a time.  I’m hoping to get some reviews up while I’m on Christmas break and I want to participate in some 2015 Challenges, but I’m just afraid I won’t have time.  Perhaps you guys know of some good ones!?!

Until next time,


I’m back…for now

Hi Friends,

I got back from our honeymoon with DH on Saturday and has life been a whirlwind since!  Papers due for classes, crazy things at work, a seminar today and finals next week.  I have my last class tonight and then it will be study, study, study until next Wednesday when my last final is due.

This is kind of how I feel right now.    I finished my two papers before we left, but I had to revise them and the one that was due today, I literally finished up 20 minutes before it was due.  I’m pretty sure I’m behind in all the reading that I need to do for the final exams and I have a couple of classes that I need to get some notes from.

I didn’t finish a single book over vacation, but I’m okay with that because we were having a good time riding roller coasters and just spending time together.  I wish that I could figure out this whole scheduling thing on word press because I would like to take some time tonight or tomorrow and schedule out some posts for the week, but the last time I tried to use it, it didn’t post – hello Thanksgiving post the day after.

I’ll try to do some posting this week if I can, but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to hang out and chat or write with you all while I am trying to study for my exams.  I only have two but they are two big ones.  Once these two classes are done, I only have 4 more to complete before I’ll have my Masters of Taxation degree.  Then I can add a few more letters after my name.

I hope you all are well and happy reading!

Talk soon,

Thanksgiving and MIA

So obviously, this was scheduled to post  yesterday and it didn’t.  I don’t know why WordPress and I are fighting with scheduling posts!!  It won’t post them when I want them to and its becoming a bit of an issue.  Hence why there will be no posts while I am away.  Anyway, here is what I wanted to post yesterday, just a day late.

Dear Blog Friends,

On this day of Thanksgiving here in the US, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have welcomed me into your hearts and homes.  I am still figuring this whole blogging routine out and I’m still working on a system that will work for me, but I like what I have done so far and to me that is the important thing.

I wanted to write a small post to say I will be MIA the next week – I am going on a well deserved vacation to Disney.  This vacation will also be my honeymoon as my dear hubby and I got married this summer but postponed our honeymoon till now.  We will get to see Disney in all its Christmas glory.  If you can’t tell, I’m a little excited.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you all I probably won’t be posting and to not worry for all is well; I’m just partying with Mickey and his friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends!!

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Glitter For Myspace

Only time for…..

a tiny post today friends.  I’m stuck in bed sick with a cold which I think for me is probably the worst thing that could have happened this weekend.  We are leaving for Disney World on Friday and when I get sick I tend to stay sick.  Who wants to be sick when they are partying with this guy??

I know I don’t and on top of all that I am trying to write a 10-page paper on the Generation Skipping Tax.  Please tell me why I let my boss pick my topic for my paper for my Trust, Gifts and Estates class.  Oh right, their helping pay for it and if they want me to research a certain topic then that’s what I have to do.  Well I of course procrastinated and am now having a terrible time trying to write the paper while catching my running nose what feels like every five minutes.

Anyway, I may be MIA the next two weeks as I finish up this paper and another one and then we will be in Disney.  Since I am not very good at this yet, I don’t have any posts scheduled, but I might try to get some memes scheduled for while we are gone before we leave.  With the holiday, I might not be able to get them set up as WordPress and I are currently not the best of friends, but, we are getting there.

Until next time,

Who Do I Have to Please?

please I know that I’ve only been doing this for a couple of days, but I feel like I’ve been trying to blog forever!  I’ve been reading book review for the last several years and I always knew it was something I wanted to do.  I guess I thought I would have more people read what I wrote and more people care about it but I keep forgetting that I am doing this for me.

So I have to remember the following and I hope someone out there will keep me in check if I don’t:

  1.  So what if my reviews don’t look like everyone else’s.  I need to find a style that works for me.
  2. So what if I don’t write everyday.  I’m in school and work full time.  I think it should be excused.  Plus, I’m going here soon, so I think I have more important planning to do.disney
  3. I don’t have to consider doing every meme under the sun.  If I find a couple that I want to participate in, that will be the way to get more people interested in my blog.  I have a twitter account, but I don’t feel the need to be spreading my posts all over it.  I feel the same way about Facebook.
  4. I will make this my blog and no one else’s.

I think if I can remember those things, I will have a wonderful experience with this.  I think the problem will be a lack of reading time.  However, Christmas break is right around the corner, so I may have time then.  After that though, starts school again and tax season.  The dreaded January to April time when I see no one and talk to no one.  For now, I should be working other things, so off I go.

Until next time,